Children whom we support

The foundation is currently helping more than 50 Haitian children between the ages of 6 and 10. Thanks to our local team, you can learn more about these children.



A group of children living in Dubuisson, a remote and disadvantaged neighborhood in the Central Department (Central Plateau). 

Most of them are struggling and need support to pay their school fees and buy their school supplies, among other things. Some of them are of school age but are experiencing learning difficulties. Thus, the Dreams for Haitian Children Foundation is requesting your assistance to support those underprivileged children.

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Mardochée Pétion’s mother passed away in 2018. His sister, his four brothers and himself are now orphans. His health is precarious and his family can no longer afford to pay for his school fees. He currently lives with his sick grandmother and rarely sees his father.

The Dreams for Haitian Children Foundation is requesting you assistance to pay for his medical treatments and school fees.



On this picture, you can see a mother of six who lives in the countryside in a remote and disadvantaged neighborhood  in the Central Plateau. She can barely provide for her children’s basic needs and cannot afford to send them to school. By sponsoring one of these children, you could improve the living conditions of this family while helping the Dreams for Haitian Children Foundation achieve its objectives.



The Manoue Foyer de la Grâce school is located in Jacmel, in the South-East Department, more specifically in the La Montagne commune, which is a very poor and remote rural area. This school was built on a dirt floor and lacks any sort of educational material. Instead of proper desks, it only has shabby benches. Due to a lack of funding, this school does not meet the country’s standards. For all those reasons, we want to take real action towards supporting these children and provide them with a proper learning environment.



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