We need your support

In order to fulfill our mission, we need your support. Two options are available: a single donation or an annual membership. The latter option allows you to become a full member of the association and grant you certain privileges.


Single donation

All of the funds raised will be used to support children in need. Here are the two possible methods to take action:

Payment by cheque to the following address:

Fondation Rêve pour les Enfants d'Haïti

1063, rue Gabriel Dumont, Québec (Québec) G1W 3Z8

Payment online through Paypal secure payment platform:


You wish to encourage us by becoming a member of our association? Obtain your membership card for $200 and you will be entitled to benefits such as discounts on some of our activities, updates on our results, and more!


Become a volunteer

Play a part in change and help improve the situation of children by helping our foundation.

Join our dynamic and friendly team!